Introduction & Mission Statement

Who we are
We are a collective of groups and individuals united by the common aim of challenging inequality and injustice.
We promote and advance equality, human rights, diversity and inclusion, and combat discrimination and prejudice


  • A society where people of all backgrounds feel they belong and are valued
  • A society where people enjoy equal opportunities, access to resources and services
  • A society that works cohesively to build trust and break down stereotypes and misconceptions about the
    “other “.
    All of the following will be delivered with a sense of transparency and integrity:
  • Responsibility –to understand what is happening in our communities and also to collaborate in building
    sustainable communities that grow together
  • Commitment- to working together with community leaders, statutory and voluntary services with an
    expectation that they will act fairly and respect individuals; and that they will deliver what they have agreed
  • Pride – in our community, a sense of belonging, and that we a hold a position of equity in our society
  • Rights and Justice – all individuals hold equal rights no matter what their background and no one should be
    discriminated against or be above the law.
    The purpose of the NEHRC is to:
  • Work towards the elimination of all forms of discrimination with a particular focus on the
    ‘protected characteristics’ as identified and defined under Part 2 of the Equality Act 2010
  • Advance equality of opportunity and good relations amongst the communities of Norfolk in
    accordance with current equality and human rights legislation
  • Scrutinise how all public authorities and private, charitable and voluntary sector organisations
    which carry out public functions operating primarily in Norfolk, deliver equality and human rights
    outcomes, by:
  • Facilitating and contributing to the development of policy, education and training
  • Supporting strategic planning of services and quality improvements in all public authority departments
  • Provide recommendations to the local and statutory authorities to identify opportunities which
    address diversity matters, promote diversity initiatives, and provide guidance to create a more
    accessible, safe, welcoming and inclusive Norfolk.

“Our hopes for a more just, safe, and peaceful world can only be achieved when there is universal respect for the inherent dignity and equal rights of all members of the human family.”

UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka